InSite Connect

InSite Connect


Cirrus Group LLC's InSite Connect is the mobile extension of the Connect Edition for DayCare Works, SchoolCare Works and RecCare Works for parents, guardians and members. With easy navigation and management for schedules, payments, communications and more, now parents and schools will always be connected. "Daily InSite" messages, photos and information on a child's progress are delivered to a mobile device directly from the school or center, updating contacts throughout the day on the activities that matter most.


Authorized parents and contacts have access to the following features:


  1. Receive school and teacher announcements and alerts
  2. View current bill and statements
  3. Authorize and make payments directly from a mobile device
  4. View the current contact information on their account
  5. Check current and upcoming schedules
  6. View the current weekly attendance for all of their children
  7. Get "Daily InSite" information, like photos, teacher notes and progress reports
  8. View and manage any linked accounts, all under one app
  9. Use a mobile device to check in & out at any InSite Select enabled school or center

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